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Erik Morvan


Architect & Design

Erik Morvan character, training and experience make him a person with a double vision: An Architectural vision and a Design level to foresee the development of trends and future needs.

The latest edition of Erik Morvan with Editions PC, was the launch in May 2018 of the book entitled: "REMEDIOS PARA EL VIRUS URBANO".

His vision, both pragmatic and creative, allows him to provide a global level of response to the challenges posed in each project.

An approach that has allowed him to always be outside the more conventional circles to gain in observation capacity.

Its architecture of "bio-organic" conception gives a good example of this.

To his credit to find the development of projects and work execution, within the urbanism of Architecture, with challenges overcome such as:

  •  Palace of Congress in Paris Porte Maillot (Large Auditorium 4000 seats)

  •  Wang Fu Building, (Tien Admen Square - Beijing)

  •  Moscow City Council (restructuring of board rooms)

  •  Master plan for a natural island in Abu Dhabi (2200 Ha for the creation of a lake city of 3 million m2 and 77 km of   canals)

  •  Among other works

While at a design level, Erik Morvan has worked on the creation of products linked to the following companies:


  • Polyrey

  • Taraflex

  • Sommer

  • Lualdi (Italia)

  • Wilhermi (Alemania)

  • Sofadi

  • Among other...

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